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Rules for using the cost-free Verbtime Forum

There forum rules are based on the rules template from the German webpage

§ 1 Scope of Application

For using the Verbtime Forum (in this text called "Provider") the following terms and conditions apply.
Using the forum is only allowed, if you as user accept these terms and conditions.

§ 2 Registration and Conclusion of Contract

  1. Precondition for using the forum is the user registration using the corresponding online-page. After registration (creating an account), you will receive a confirmation mail to activate your account. By activating your account by the provider, the cost-free contract is concluded.
  2. Scope of the contract is the cost-free usage of the forum functions as online communication platform. For that purpose you will receive an account for adding topics and comments in the forum.
  3. There is no legal claim for receiving an account, all rights remain with the provider.
  4. Your forum account must only be used by yourself. Also you as owner of the account are responsible to protect your account against misusage. You need to protect your account user data against 3rd party access. The usage of copyright / trademark protected words and internet addresses as user name (nickname) is not allowed.
  5. The provider is trying to offer the service with as little interruptions as possible. Downtimes can however not be completely excluded, when the web server is not reachable due to technical or other problems that are not in the influence area of the provider. Also when the web page is being updated by the provider.
  6. The provider has the right to modify content, structure, and graphical user interfaces of the platform.
  7. Purpose of the forum is to share opinions and experiences with Verbtime. Communication amongst the users shall be respectful and untroubled, without insulting behaviour.

§ 3 Duties as Forum User

  1. As user you commit yourself to only post topics / comments that comply to these rules. Especially it is not allowed to
    • post insulting or untrue content
    • use the system for sending spam to other users
    • use copyright / trademark protected contents
    • do anticompetitive actions
    • post topics / comments repeatedly in the forum (no double postings)
    • publish press releases without the explicit author's approval
    • publish advertisements without the explicit provider's approval

  2. As user you commit yourself to checking your topics / comments before publishing them, if they contain content that you do not want to publish. Your comments could be included in search engines and be accessible worldwide. The provider is not responsible to delete or correct such publications in search engines.

  3. When violating these rules, the provider can take the following action:
    • delete or change content that the user has published,
    • give the user a written warning, or
    • block forum access for the user.

  4. The provider has the right to block the access to the forum for the user, in case there is sufficient evidence that the user violated the terms and conditions. You can avoid this action, if you prove on own costs that the suspicion is not correct.

  5. In case third parties or other users should accuse the provider due to a) content that you as user have published and/or b) using the provider's services by you as user, you commit yourself to release the provider from all compensation for damages. If you as a user are not responsible for the rights violation, then these duties are not applicable.

§ 4 Transfer of Usage Rights

  1. The copyright for your topics / comments, as far as they can be copyright protected, remains with you as user. However you grant the provider the right to store the topic / comment permanently on the provider's webpage. Also the provider has the right to delete, edit, move or close your topics / comments.
  2. These usage rights remain applicable also after the forum account has been signed off and deleted.

§ 5 Limitation of Liability

  1. The provider does not take warranty for the correctness, completeness, and currentness of data of the content in the forum.

§ 6 Validity Period / Terminating the Contract

  1. This agreement is made with no fixed termination date.
  2. Both parties can sign off the agreement anytime without cancellation period.
  3. If the user deletes her/his account (signs off the contract), her/his public topics/comments remain visible for all other users. The account however is not accessible any longer and all entries are shown in the forum as "account deleted". All other user data will be deleted. If the user wishes that also her/his publications shall be deleted, this must be addressed to the provider. The provider will then delete all relevant entries within reasonable time.

Copyright © Helmut Bischoff 2005-2023. All rights reserved
Copyright H.Bischoff 2005-2023. All rights reserved