Portuguese Verb Table, Chapter 1/6

Chapter 1: General Information

The Verbtime verb table "Portuguese" is the result of a several years’ development of the program Verbtime - the conjugation-trainer. The conjugation rules and verb-lists outlined here are the basis that Verbtime uses to conjugate Portuguese verbs.

During verb training with Verbtime, the program can synchronise the respective verbs with this verb table. By this you receive this verb table like a book always opened on the right page, showing the verb you are currently training. For further information regarding using the program, refer to the Verbtime-program help.

General Information

Verb Lists and Conjugation Rules

 Chapter 2:The regular verbs
 Chapter 3:Vocal-dependant, irregular verbs
 Chapter 4:The irregular verb-endings
 Chapter 5:The irregular verbs


 Chapter 6:Appendix, Overview
 List 1: ar-verbs with vocal-accentuation
 List 2: ir-verbs with vocal-accentuation
 List 3: iar-verbs
 List 4: ir (u, o)-verbs
 List 5: e..ir (1)-verbs
 List 6: e..ir (2)-verbs
 List 7: ter-verbs
 List 8: uar-verbs
 List 9: ver-verbs
 List 10:vir-verbs

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Chapter 1: General Information
Chapter 2: The regular verbs
Chapter 3: Vocal-dependent, irregular verbs
Chapter 4: The irregular verb-endings
Chapter 5: The irregular verbs
Chapter 6: Appendix

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